About foundry 38

My name is James McCutcheon and I am the founder and CEO of Foundry 38. Over the last 20 years in building startups I have EXPERIENCED providing the codemonkey skills, sometimes the vision and other times the financial management strategy. Many times it has been a mix of all three.

Some of these businesses have been very successful by selling out and of course some have just been "learning experiences" but no matter which category they fall into each have taught me a great deal about what is needed for a successful technology startup.

I have met many people over the years that have had one thing in common, some great ideas and a passion to build a business that they can call their own and of course make some money. The reality of business is that passion although important isnt enough to make a startup succeed. The reason I started Foundry 38 was to help these people by giving them an advantage in starting their startup by passing on my experience and those in my team.

James McCutcheon Founder